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Prime Design Ladder Installation on a RAM Promaster. No Drilling Required!!! What?!?

I just wanted to start off by saying Prime Design engineered a ladder that anyone can install and it can be done with only one person and NO DRILLING... WHAT?!? It is a really cool, really smart design. We are in no way shape or form affiliated with prime design or the company we have linked to buy it. We just really like the quality of the product and the way it installs.


  1. It is built really well

  2. It has an amazing design

  3. You're less likely to break your head getting on and off your roof especially in the snow

  4. It looks really good

  5. High quality

  6. Easy to Install

  7. Lightweight


  1. It's pricey (but worth the extra cost).

Where to buy your Prime Design Ladder

As of right now while writing this the cheapest place I see online for the Prime Design Ladder for RAM Promaster is here. Again we are not affiliated with Prime Design or We just like Prime Designs Ladder and Real Truck as of right now is the cheapest place to find it. Always make sure it fits your year make and model van and do your homework because these prices will change and you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else. If you do find it cheaper I'd love to hear from you to share your find with other vanlifer's.

Tools You'll Need

  1. Prime Design AAL-8012 Ladder Installation Instructions (if you're into that kind of thing)

  2. Ratchet

  3. 13mm socket

  4. 13mm wrench

That's it!

Steps To Getting This Done:

TOP BRACKETS - The first step we took to getting this install done was to get the top brackets on first. It's really straight forward. One thing I did do was keep the bolts a little bit loose to get everything up and make sure it all fit right before I really knuckled it all down.

HANG THE LADDER - Next step is to hang the ladder. Choose a door to hang your ladder on and throw it up there. We chose to install it on the drivers side door because it is the first to shut and if it were to shift out a bit from the weight of us going up and down it wouldn't sacrifice the integrity of the back door seal.

INSTALL THE BOTTOM BRACKETS - Once you have your ladder hung on the top of the door it's time to put the bottom brackets on. Make sure you have your ladder in place where you want it and slide the bottom brackets in and start all your nuts and bolts. Not fully tightening them just yet.

TIGHTEN ALL YOUR NUTS AND BOLTS - Pretty self explanatory. Once your ladder is in place and all your nuts and bolts are started tighten those puppy's down. Make sure you crank on them and all is tight before you wrap it up.


If you have any comments or questions feel free to reach out!

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