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Incredible RAM Promaster Suspension Upgrade! Super Springs Helper Spring Installation Guide

I wanted to start this post off by saying this: If you are looking for a suspension upgrade for your RAM Promaster or any van for that matter you've stumbled onto the right blog. I want to tell you about SuperSprings Helper Springs. This is everything you're looking for as far as upgrading your suspension. I mean, there is always more to do with your suspension, but for now, I feel like this should be the foundation of your upgrade. Meaning, start with these and build onto them. We are going to install rear Sumo Springs on top of these when the time comes. As for right now, the installation of the SuperSprings have changed the game. Our RAM Promaster 2500 drives the way it did Pre-Build. It is AMAZING!!!

What SuperSprings Helper Springs Do

The SuperSprings Helper Springs adds a preload tension to your existing leaf spring stack. The way they are designed is to pull against your existing leaf springs adding a 2000 lbs. leveling capacity to your vehicle. That doesn't mean you can load up beyond the max capacity of your vehicles rating, it means that it will drive like you've reduced your build/belongings within the van by 2000 lbs. reducing sway and stabilizing your ride. Which is huge! Another great thing about these is, prevention wise, will be protecting your factory leaf springs from fast wear. The leaf springs that are factory installed are not made for constant heavy load going down dicey roads that I'm sure most van lifers like to go down, so, as we go down these roads with a home and belongings in them the factory leaf springs are naturally going to twist with the motion of the body of the van. With these springs installed it will lesson the torque on the factory spring and bring longevity to the factory suspension system. It will also give awesome lift to your vehicle. Check out what it did for our buddy that was close to max capacity in his 3500:

Pro's & Cons


  • SUPER easy to install (I can't stress this enough! Easy Easy Easy)

  • Provides longer life to the factory leaf springs

  • Makes the van drive like brand new

  • Adds 2000 lbs leveling capacity to your rig

  • It will provide lift to the rear end of your van

  • It reduces torque on your factory leaf spring from body sway

  • Reduces sway


  • Nothing! Not even price! The price is completely worth it for the ease of installation and the amount of reward you get from it.

Something to show you before purchasing

I know dropping a chunk of cash on a new upgrade can be painful and you want to make sure what you are getting is what you need, so, before you buy your SuperSprings I wanted to share this video. It'll explain the difference between SumoSprings and SuperSprings and which application applies to you. My take on the whole topic is that we are under constant load because of our builds inside the van and that is what the SuperSprings are designed to alleviate. The SumoSprings are more for temporary loads. Check it out:

Where to Purchase your SuperSprings is where we purchased our springs. That is a direct link to the page that has the SSA11's so you don't have to search around the site. The great thing about these guys is they have all the mounting hardware that you'll need included in the price and shipped out to you. The customer service is awesome there, too. The people at this place will help you out no problem if you have any questions.

They do sell these springs on Amazon, too. If you want to check it out you can see it here: SuperSprings on Amazon. The only thing about ordering from amazon is that the purchase, from what I've read in the reviews, doesn't come with the mounting spacer and hardware you'll need for the installation.

You've got your SuperSprings, now what?

First off, CONGRATS!!! You've purchased yourself a sick ass suspension upgrade for yourself! Grab a friend and some good tunes if you want to. This install is so easy you really don't need someone else, but, it's always more fun to throw tools around the room with a buddy if things go to shit than to do it alone.

Tools you'll need:

  • A 3/4" wrench

  • A 3/4" socket with ratchet (or just two of these without the wrench)

  • A big ass "C" clamp

  • Bottle Jack (If you have the factory jack get rid of that shit and get a bottle jack, please! The factory jack is for shit!)

That's it!!! Yes... You read it right. That's all you need for this install. Crazy right?

The Installation

Download PDF • 796KB

Here are the instructions for the installation of the SuperSprings if you're into that kind of stuff:

Before you install the springs figure out how much pre-tention you want applied to the existing leaf springs. This sounds more complicated than it is. The way we did it was the more weight your rig is carrying the more tension you're going to want to put on there. Here is a picture of bolt placement for reference:

We went with a medium load tension because we are under max by say like 800 lbs. Our buddy JC with the 3500 in the video above went with max preload tension because he was just under capacity. The amazing thing about these springs is that the adjustments are ridiculously easy to make if you aren't satisfied with the ride. You can see how easy the adjustments are in the first video.

Now that you've figured out the settings you want to roll with here are the steps (It doesn't matter which side you start with):

Step 1 - Crank on the E-Brake and jack that puppy up.

Tools needed - Bottle Jack - Pop on the e-brake and jack up your van. You only need to jack it up enough for the tire to be slightly off the ground. USE A BOTTLE JACK! If you don't have a bottle jack for your van yet, please, go to Walmart and get one!!! I can't stress this enough! The factory jack is a big steaming pile of shit and can not be trusted! I know this through experience.

Step 2 - Remove the Rollers

Tools needed - 3/4" wrench and socket with ratchet - Here all your doing is prepping your new springs for an easy install. Take off those rollers with your 3/4" wrench and ratchet and put them somewhere to have easy access for when you need to put them back on.

Step 3 - Place the Spacer

Parts needed - The black spacer that comes with the installation kit - Take your spacer and place it over the "U" bolts that are holding your factory leaf springs to your axle. Just make sure it is centered side to side.

Step 4 - Place the Spring

Parts needed - The SSA11 SuperSpring - Place the spring on top of your spacer and center it all to the factory leaf springs. If you have any obstructions front or back you can move your leaf spring forward and back i.e. 10:24 in video 1. The key to doing this is to make sure your front roller has at least a 1/4" of un-obstruction forward and back and your rear roller has 3/4" of un-obstruction forward and back to roll.

Step 5 - Put your first Roller on

Tools & Parts Needed - Roller & Hardware Removed in Step 2 and 3/4" wrench and ratchet - Choose a side of the spring you want to start on and grab the roller, bolt, and nut that you took off in step 2. Pull the spring down so the bracket is on both sides of your leaf springs and the hole is low enough to place the roller under your leaf springs (this can be done with your hand) and put the roller, bolt, and nut in the bolt hole according to your Pre-Load Tension decision and crank them on.

Step 6 - Put your Second Roller on

Tools & Parts Needed - Roller & Hardware Removed in Step 2, Big Ass Clamp, and 3/4" Wrench & Ratchet - Now its time to get your clamp on this thing. Before you crank it down, make sure your spacer is still in the correct place. Now grab your clamp and wrap it around the SuperSpring and your factory springs and start cranking it down. You want to pull it down so the hole you decided on for pretension lowers past your leaf springs enough to slide the roller and bolts through. Once you've done that put the nut on and crank that shit tight! Once it's cranked on remove your clamp. That's it!

Step 7 - Lower your Rig

It's time to lower you van! Keep an eye on it when it's lowering to make sure the brackets aren't going to scrape on anything. We had a bit of an issue with our trailer hitch, but, most installs are not going to have any issues. CONGRATS!!! The first side is done!

Step 8 - Rinse and Repeat for Side 2!

This is a rinse and repeat of all the steps for the second side. At this point you're going to be a pro at this, so, have fun with the second side. For shits and giggles you could time yourself, too. You'll be surprised at how fast and easy these are to install.

CONGRATS!!! You are all Done with your Kick Ass Rear Suspension Upgrade!!!

Seriously, enjoy the ride it is going to roll like brand new!

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