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Front Coil Sumo Spring Installation Guide

This post isn't going to be super long because the installation of the Coil Sumo Springs are ridiculously easy. Here is a quick video of us installing them in our RAM Promaster 2500:

What Coil Sumo Springs Do

The front coil SumoSprings reduce the compression of your springs and struts by %30 which increases the life of your front suspension system incredibly, so, for the price of the parts and the labor involved in installing them is hands down (in my opinion) worth every penny and second of time!

Pro's & Con's


  • It extends the longevity of your front suspension

  • Cushions the impact of rough roads

  • Reduces the stress put on the front struts

  • Cost - They are cheap for what they do


  • None

Where to Purchase Your Coil Sumo Springs

We purchased our Front Coil Sumo Springs from Amazon. SuperSprings International has its own store front on Amazon so we weren't too worried about some aftermarket bullshit coming through amazon. They came really quick, too, which is always a bonus for ordering through Amazon. Here's the link: Front Coil SumoSprings for RAM Promaster.

Installing Your Sumo Springs

This is seriously the easiest install you could ever do for yourself. I could try to. milk it and get wordy and drag out the steps just to fill up space, but, I'm not going to.

Tools You'll Need

  • Bottle Jack

  • Hands

That's it!!!

The Installation

Here we go! Brace Yourself!!!

Step 1 - Crank on the E-Brake and jack that puppy up.

Tools needed - Bottle Jack - Pop on the e-brake and jack up your van. You only need to jack it up enough for the tire to be slightly off the ground. USE A BOTTLE JACK! If you don't have a bottle jack for your van yet, please, go to Walmart and get one!!! I can't stress this enough! The factory jack is a big steaming pile of shit and can not be trusted! I know this through experience.

Step 2 - Work that Coil Sumo Spring into Your Spring

Tools & Parts needed - Hands and Sumo Spring - All you're going to do here is take the Sumo Spring and bring it up to your spring and work it in. Push the top in first and work the bottom in after turning the SumoSpring as you work it in.

Step 3 - Lower the Jack

It's time to lower you van! Keep an eye on it when it's lowering to make sure the SumoSprings don't pop out. CONGRATS!!! The first side is done!

Step 4 - Rinse and Repeat for Side 2!

This is a rinse and repeat of all the steps for the second side. At this point you're going to be a pro at this, so, have fun with the second side. For shits and giggles you could time yourself, too. You'll be surprised at how fast and easy these are to install.

CONGRATS!!! You are all Done with your Kick Ass Front Suspension Upgrade!!!

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